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Welcome to Dialog Solutions
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    Dialog® Solutions Customer FAQ
    March 2019

    Why has ProQuest Corporate re-branded?
    We recognised within the business that the way our products and services were presented to customers/prospects was limiting our reach to a single market segment, which sometimes led to confusion.

    Dialog® Solutions has been created as a replacement umbrella brand for all the products and services that ProQuest Corporate has been offering so we can present a more transparent and concise customer-facing messages. We remain a ProQuest brand and all existing processing and procedures remain unchanged.


    What does this mean for the product/service I currently use?
    Apart from the brand changes on products, collateral and documentation, nothing else will change. Your support queries will be managed by the same teams and our customer experience teams, development plans and dedication to customers remain unchanged.


    What does this mean for the future?
    Dialog Solutions will continue to develop interoperable solutions but modular products and services will be created to support end-to-end workflow solutions.  This approach continues to offer customers choice when selecting the best solutions to suit their needs.


    Are you still part of the ProQuest organisation?


    Is this a legal change that requires action on our part?
    The change does not affect our terms and conditions, nor any other legally binding contracts or agreements customers have with ProQuest. Our processes and systems remain unchanged and the name change does not impact any technical or product performance aspects of service. Our bank account number and payment terms are also unchanged, and no service interruptions will result from this change.


    Is the new company financially secure/profitable?
    Yes, we remain a profitable part of the ProQuest family and are tied directly to the company’s overall financial results, its strong fiscal health and its long-term stability.


    Has ProQuest sold Dialog®?
    No, Dialog Solutions is a ProQuest brand and, as such, Dialog and all the products we offer remain owned and operated by ProQuest LLC.


    Why did you choose Dialog Solutions as your new name?
    Dialog has a long heritage and a strong brand that engenders precision, trust and quality – our key attributes – in everything we do. Building our business on our base Platform – Dialog, we will continue to extend complementary services to provide an end-to-end solution for key customer workflows hence selecting the brand name Dialog Solutions.


    Will I still receive the same level of support for my product or service?
    Yes. Our new website contains a support centre that contains everything you need to know from getting started, to training and hints and tips, plus how you can get in touch and log support queries. Please visit: www.dialog.com/support/ for more.


    How can I find out more about the new brand?
    Contact your Account Manager or email us at: customer@dialog.com

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    Embase and EMCare Reloads: March 8

    The next Embase® and EMCare® thesaurus reloads on ProQuest Dialog will take place on Friday, March 8, between 4:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. ET, giving you access to the most current version of the Emtree thesaurus for these databases.

    Embase and EMCare will include the January 2019 new and changed Emtree vocabulary terms. Following the reload, you may need to update your search and alert strategies with the new terms. Click the links for more information:

    Two new subheadings have also been introduced:

    • special situation for pharmacovigilance
    • unexpected outcome of drug treatment

    Further information on Embase indexing can be found in the Embase Indexing Guide and the ProQuest Dialog Embase ProSheet.

    If you are a customer and have any questions please contact your account manager or email us at customer@dialog.com.

    Should you wish to find out more about accessing our extensive range of medical literature monitoring products, please click here

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    Quality Management and Validation in Pharmacovigilance.

    Why it’s critical for pharmaceutical companies to ensure their providers have an intimate understanding of drug safety regulations – and how they translate to software development.

    Most people would agree that an amateur athlete with no clear understanding of the rules should never play in a world-championship match. That’s similar to a pharmaceutical company employing a drug safety software vendor without a proper quality management system – one which includes documented validation activities and training on GxP regulations – to provide software for pharmacovigilance. In both scenarios, a team effort is required to ensure that all regulations are met and, most importantly, harm is avoided.

    Today, it’s common for pharmaceutical companies to implement software solutions  that simplify the workflow for pharmacovigilance. This software often aggregates and triages literature in a centralized location for the review and reporting of adverse events. However, despite stringent regulations that govern drug safety, many developers of pharmacovigilance software do not have any quality controls in place to ensure accuracy or precision. They leave these controls up to the pharmaceutical company.

    Each year, regulatory authorities like the FDA and EMA issue hundreds of observations relating to IT software quality and validation management. Quality management, and specifically validation controls, in pharmacovigilance software development are critical – they allow for a repeatable and robust software development cycle in which a standardized approach is taken through the use of standard operating procedures (SOPs), process flows and industry best practices (such as code reviews). These controls eliminate software bugs with documented “tried and true” methodology, rather than ad-hoc approaches to development. This is paramount in decreasing and even eliminating regulatory agency observations – and gives pharmaceutical companies peace of mind that the results of their searches and reviews are inclusive and accurate.

    However, there is much more to validated software than documenting and testing requirements. Without the quality management support structure for validation activities, validation is simply an exercise in running test scripts.

    Please contact us to request the full white paper


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    Dialog® Solutions is delighted to announce a new Embase module available from today on Dialog®: Embase French Local Literature

    • This new module allows users to monitor the French local literature for pharmacovigilance
    • 100 local French journals are included, based on input from the pharmaceutical industry, European Medicines Agency and Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament et des Produits de Santé
    • Full-text articles are translated using human-aided machine translation and human quality control
    • Titles and abstracts are provided in both French and English
    • Articles are manually indexed using Emtree
    • Embase French Local Literature is updated daily, and can be included in Alerts

    Click the link below for more information:
    Elsevier Fact Sheet Embase French Local Literature Module

    If you like to find out more visit the www.dialog.com website, or complete a contact form here.

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    The next PsycINFO thesaurus reload on Dialog takes place on Wednesday, April 10, between 4:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. EST, giving you access to the most current version of the thesaurus for this database.

    PsycINFO will include the 2019 new and changed thesaurus terms.

    Following the reload, you may need to update your search and alert strategies with the new terms. Click the link for more information:

    If you have any questions please contact your account manager or email us at customer@dialog.com.

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    The latest release of Dialog Alerts Manager includes:

    • Alerts Manager features applied to alerts in patent databases
    • Custom fields selection in both general and patent databases
    • Custom fields indicated in Audit History
    • Project code selection
    • Delivery method (email or ftp) indicated in Audit History
    • Ability to re-send ftp alerts
    • Alerts searchable by ID
    • Ability to search and/or filter alerts by database
    • Cover sheet added to Audit History
    • Two new hedges: Humans and Animals
    More enhancements will be released in the next few weeks, including interface translation to languages other than English and viewing the results list on the alert details page.

    Please feel free to ask us any questions, or give us feedback on the product by contacting your account manager or emailing us at: customer@dialog.com. You can also read the ‘What’s New’ notes in the Alerts Manager itself to stay up to date.

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    Dialog Solutions is proud to announce the successful certification to the globally recognized ISO 9001:2015 standard by ANAB accredited partner American Systems Registrar.

    Our deep focus on customer needs, patient safety and quality has manifested into a robust Quality Management System which, in turn, provides Dialog Solutions a controlled platform to build, develop and maintain the most advanced and comprehensive Pharmacovigilance software and associated services in the pharmaceutical industry. This certification along with industry knowledge allows Dialog Solution’s the ability to not only provide exceptional software and services to our customers but accompany it with industry best practices to ensure consistent GxP compliance.

    Dialog Solutions proactively achieved this certification to demonstrate our commitment to customers, patient safety, quality and continual improvement. These accomplishments position Dialog Solutions to be the industry leaders within the Pharmacovigilance marketplace and further validates our commitment to our Quality Policy:

    ‘Deliver continuously improving Pharmacovigilance workflow solutions that enable our customers to meet their quality and regulatory needs effectively and efficiently, leveraging automation and best practices to ensure that our customers have the information and knowledge they need, when they need it.’

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    New user interface for viewing patent documents and hyperlinked cited references in SciSearch®

    The latest ProQuest Dialog release went live on Thursday, October 3rd, and we’re pleased to announce the following key enhancements.

    Patent full text and image side-by-side view

    The next time you are viewing patents, you’ll be able to quickly flip through full-size drawings and inline images, while simultaneously scrolling through the abstract, claims and specification.  Grasping a patents inventive step for 33 full text patenting authorities has never been more convenient.  You can find out how to use Dialog’s patent full text and image side-by-side view here.

    Retrieve cited references SciSearch® with 1-click

    Quickly retrieve key references with 1-click citation searching.  Click on the newly hyperlinked titles of cited references within SciSearch® documents online, to automatically search all Dialog non-patent literature and retrieve the cited document.  You can find more information here about searching on hyperlinked titles.


    If you have any questions, please contact your account manager or email us at customer@dialog.com.

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    Dialog Solutions, a division of ProQuest, has joined the California Life Sciences Association (CLSA), the trade association representing California’s life sciences sector.

    CLSA, California’s largest and most influential life sciences advocacy and business leadership organization, works with industry, government, academia and others to shape public policy, improve access to innovative technologies and grow California’s life sciences economy. CLSA serves biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostics companies, along with research universities and institutes, investors and service providers throughout the state.

    Dialog is a powerful content platform with an intuitive interface for both end-users and information professionals – including command-line queries for powerful precision search. They’ll also have access to Drug Safety Triager, a validated SaaS-based solution that seamlessly ingests Dialog alert results with an audit trail to support efficient, consistent and timely review of literature.

    “We’re proud to join CLSA, an organization that supports our mission to provide easy access to authoritative literature, workflow tools and tailored services with flexible access models,” said Michael Rai, General Manager of Dialog Solutions. “Life sciences companies around the world benefit from specially Dialog’s peer-reviewed scientific literature, tools to simplify literature workflows, and specialized literature services from on-hand experts.”

    “We welcome Dialog Solutions to the California Life Sciences Association (CLSA) family of members. The work Dialog is engaged in is an important component of life sciences innovation, particularly the content, workflow tools and outsourcing services they bring to the table to improve patient safety,” said Mike Guerra, President & CEO, California Life Sciences Association (CLSA). “Our entire membership is focused on ensuring that California continues to be the gold standard for life sciences for the world – advancing science and creating new therapies and technologies that benefit patients.”

    Learn more about the benefits of Dialog.

    About Dialog Solutions (https://dialog.com)

    Dialog pioneered online searching in advance of the Internet. As the global leader in providing mission-critical information that drives innovation by professionals of all kinds including scientists, engineers, legal practitioners and business analysts, Dialog is renowned for enabling precision search of content from the world’s most authoritative publishers. Its sources include deep repositories of scientific, technical and biomedical literature, patents, thousands of industry, news and company information sources, and dissertations and theses — now being made accessible through the powerful and intuitive Dialog search service.

    About ProQuest (http://www.proquest.com)

    ProQuest supports the important work in the world’s research and learning communities. The company curates six centuries of content – the world’s largest collection of journals, ebooks, primary sources, dissertations, news, and video – and builds powerful workflow solutions to help libraries acquire and grow collections that inspire extraordinary outcomes. ProQuest products and services are used in academic, K-12, public, corporate and government libraries in 150 countries.

    Along with its companies and affiliates Ex Libris, Alexander Street, and Bowker, ProQuest helps its customers achieve better research, better learning and better insights.

    Media Contact:

    Alison Roth

    Marketing Communications Manager, ProQuest



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    The latest release of the Dialog Alerts Manager has been issued, and it includes a number of important updates, such as:

    • Results preview on the Alert Details page

    More enhancements will be released in the next few weeks, including a self-service feature which will allow end users to see what alerts are available by topic and to sign up for them without asking their librarian or admin.

    Please feel free to ask us any questions, or give us feedback on the product by contacting your account manager or emailing us at: customer@dialog.com. You can also read the What’s New notes in the Alerts Manager itself to stay up to date.

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